With this privacy policy, DAROJKOVIĆ PROMET d.o.o. (further in writing: Company) is giving you general information about personal data protection according to the GDPR. We are asking you to carefully read the following text and if you have any further questions about processing your personal data, please contact us.


The Company has named the data protection officer who you can contact in order to get full information about processing and realization of your personal data.
Contact: tel./fax: 01/2756-158
Mobile: +385 95 2756 158
+385 91 9170 423
e-mail: putovanja@darojkovicpromet.hr


The purpose and method of processing personal data can be determined by the Company or partner of the Company which has a signed contract with the Company.

When the Company itself determines the purpose and means of processing the personal data, it is the leader of processing the personal data.
When the Company processes the data in the name of leader, then Company is the executer of processing the personal data and they will be processed in accordance with the request of the leader. In that case, leader of processing determines which personal data and in what volume the Company as the executer should collect. You will be notified about this in the moment of collecting your personal data.

When browsing the website of the Company, Company does not collect any of your personal data such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. While browsing, your personal data stays private, unless you want to voluntarily expose it.

In certain places on the website of the Company(„contact form,query,inquiry“) we collect data such as your name, address, phone number, e-mail etc. which you are giving us by filling the contact form on the website. The following data will be used in purpose of contacting you about answering your query, giving you information about your request and holding records of users of the website, which are necessary to answer your query and providing services. In that case, the moment you have filled your data on the place foreseen, you are confirming and allowing that the data you have given is voluntarily put on disposal of the company and you are allowing that the data given will be used as said before.

The Company will use your personal data and proccess it in executing the legal obligations of the Company such as (but not exclusively) obligations regulated by the Law of prevention of money laundering and financing terrorism and other international tax regulations (FATCA, CRS, etc.)

Legal basis for the previously mentioned processing of personal data is article 6. item 1. points (b) and (c) of the General regulation of protecting the personal data (processing is necessary for executing the contract in which the subject is a party or in order to undertake measures on behalf of the subject before signing the contract, processing is necessary in order of honoring the legal obligations of the leader of processing).

The Company has a legitimate interest in collecting the personal data which is necessary for prevention of fraud and the legal basis is article 6. item 1. point (f) of General regulation of protecting the personal data(processing is necessary for the needs of legitimate interest of the leader or thrid party, except when there are involved stronger interests or fundamental rights and freedom of the subject who asked for data protection, or the subject is a child).

If theprocessing of your data is for neither one of the previously mentioned purposes and basis, then we will process your data only if you have given us an approval. Legal basis is article 6. item 1. point (a) of the General regulation of protecting the personal data (subject has given an approval for processing his personal data for one or more specific purposes).


Your personal data can be revealed to other recepients in order to fulfill our legal obligations, on request from a state entity(Agency for protection of personal data, Office for prevention of money laundering and financing terrorism, Financial inspectorate, Ministry of Finance, Tax administration office, DORH, etc.)

Your data can also be revealed to the courts, notary public, lawyers, auditors, court experts and other persons if be necessary for setting, achieveing or defending legal claims, regardless is it in court or administrative actions or any other out-of-court action.


With your approval, we process your personal data for marketing purposes meaning offers, products and services of the company and it’s partners. The data we process in this purpose is: your name, address, phone number, e-mail address, phone number and date of birth. Approval is applied on Company’s partners or the Company directly.

If you have given the approval for processing of personal data in the purpose of advertising and exploration of the market, you can revoke your approval in any moment by sending a written request to the Company by email or postal letter to the official address of the Company. Partial revocation is not possible. Revocation of the approval doesn’t not affect the lawfullness of processing the personal data which was done until the moment of revocation.

If you have not given your approval or had it revoked, we will not use your data for marketing purposes.
Legal basis for this is article 6. item 1. point (a) of the General regulation of protecting the personal data(subject has given approval for processing it’s personal data in one or more specific purposes).


The Company has no intention of transmitting your data to recepients in third countries or international organizations, except if there is a legal obligation for it.


Your data will be stored for as long as the Company needs it to fulfill the purpose of processing and the criteria for determining the period of storage is exactly their purpose, statute of limitations regulated by law or a specifically determined rule of some other law which binds us for a specifically determined time period of saving your personal data.


To ensure the fair and transparent processing of your personal data we refer to your rights:

• Right to access – You have a right to contact us in any moment and getinformation if your data is being processed and in which extent, and if the data is being processed, to request access to the data and information to which you have a right to. The Company ensures you a copy of the processed data and for any other copies we must charge you a reasonable fee regarding administrative expenses. If the request is submitted by electronic way we will provide you the information in the usual electronic form, if not asked for it in another form.

• Right to correction – If we process your data and it is incorrect, you have a right to ask of us to correct them in any moment and if they are incomplete, you have a right to complete them.

• Right to delete -You have a right to ask of us to delete all of your data if we have unlawfully collected them or if your data is no longer necessary for us to save them etc. Please have in mind that there could be reasons which don’t allow us to delete the data immediately because of setting, acheiveing or defending legal claims, about which we will let you know.

• Right to limit the proceessing – You can ask of us to limit the data processing if: you abjudicate the correction of personal data during the time period which allows us to check the given data; if the processing in unlawful, but you counter to delete and instead you ask us to limit the usage of data; if the data is no longer needed, but you need them to set, achieve or defend legal claims; if you placed a complaint for processing

• Right to transfer data – You have a right to receive the data you have given to us in a structured, usually used and readable format and you have a right to transfer that data to the other leader of processing if the processing is based on approval or contract and is automatized.

• Right to object -In any moment you can file an objection to processing your data if the processing is based on legitimate interests, including making a profile or if we are processing your data for marketing purposes.

• Right to a complaint -If you believe that by processing your data, we have violated the General regulation od processing personal data or some other act regarding the protection of personal information, please turn to our data protection officer to clarify the disputable questions.

• Right to withdraw approval – when the processing of data is based on the approval you have a right to withdraw the approval in any moment, which does not impact the lawfulness of process which has already been done before the withdrawal. You can make a withdrawal by writing to the Company and notifying them by email or postal letter to the Company’s address, or a written letter to the data protection officer directly.

• Right to compensation -If you have suffered (im)material damage because of a violation of important law regulations, you have a right to a compensation for suffered damages from the Company or leader of processing if the Company is the executor of processing.

On your request we will answer you in appropriate term, one monthe after we received the request the latest, if you have not asked for a longer term which also can’t exceed period of two months.

This privacy policy is applied since May 25th, 2018.